We are present in the field of onshore and offshore Bunkering with one of the most reactive, efficient and professional services available along the African coasts and the Pacific coasts today.

Only as far as a phone call from our clients and thanks to our fleet of small haul vessels and strong partnerships, we are able to supply all our clients request anywhere around the Pacific Coasts, the Central, South and West African waters within a few hours with quality and affordable bunker fuel, be it HFO, MGO, MDO, DMA, RMG or MFO as the appellation may be, 24/7.

We are ready to deliver 10-15 Nautical miles off the national coasts to any vessel along the coasts of Africa, from Senegal to Kenya. From quantities as small as 100MT to 3,000MT, promptly.

We also provide inland and riveraine Bunkering solutions for our clients. We are embarking on an inland and river bunkering plan for Sierra Leone and Liberia from 2018, so as to serve the Mining companies and hinterlands via the navigable waters of the country.

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Best Fuel Bunkering Partner along the African Coasts

24/7 AGO / HFO / LPFO/ MGO Bunkering Professionals

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