Ethics encapsulate the rules and principles of behavior, which involve distinguishing between what is right and wrong and then making the right choice, acting responsibly and taking accountability for our actions. The company’s commitment to ethics is about ensuring we understand and demonstrate acceptable standards in the conduct of our daily work, in decision making, in our relationships internally and with our stakeholders; doing so with transparency, dignity, honesty and integrity. The basic requirement is that we must act in the best interest of the company in line with our values in spite of the pressures we unavoidably experience in the process. This means that in performance of our duties and achievement of results, we must strive to conduct ourselves in line with our corporate values because our corporate values are the starting point and foundation of our ethics.




Our vision of being the Africa’s First Stop Shop in Petroleum Trading means maintaining or achieving sector leadership, including operational excellence, sustainable development, qualitative deliveries and innovation.

The continental reach of our operations and projects gives us the ability to respond to rising demand for energy and essential commodities from developed and emerging economies in the continent. Our diverse portfolio, high quality assets, and expertise in technology and marketing give us the capability to supply a wide spectrum of customers and markets. Effective supply chain integration with our operations and strategic alliances ensures that we meet customer needs and create value for ourselves by supplying the right products and services at the right time to the right place.

Mujimoto has a strong reputation for operational excellence and sustainable development. This reputation gives us at MOGUL our license to operate, and it is essential that we uphold it and build upon it.

Our assets and reputation give us the capabilities to operate and grow our business on a Continental scale with a global presence and respect, leaning on a strong group name MUJIMOTO. As we do so, we also have the scope and expertise to bring long term benefits to our local communities and host countries.


  • Develop our people and our business in pursuit of excellence

We create value for our shareholders, stakeholders, our employees, our business and social partners & associates through safe and responsible operations at every level and stage of our business, products and services life cycle.

We have taken upon us to sustain our partner communities and especially explore and bring out the full potentials of our employees and their families for our mutual benefit.


Health & Safety is our CORE value.

  • Demonstrate leadership in safety and security, in respect to the ISO standards.

We place people first and correspondingly put the highest priority on safe and healthy practices and systems of work. Getting the ISO certifications is not an option but a priority which falls in line with our safe business and operational practices. We are responsible for seeking out new and innovative ways to ensure that our workplaces are free of occupational injury and illness. We live each day for each other and use our collective commitment, talents, resources and systems to deliver on our most important commitment ... to care and guarantee a next level welfare for our staff and families.

We treat each other with dignity and respect.

  • Act with integrity, trust and respect

We believe that individuals who are treated with respect and who are entrusted to take responsibility respond by giving their best. We seek to preserve people's dignity, their sense of self-worth in all our interactions, respecting them for who they are and valuing the unique contribution that they can make to our business success. We are honest with ourselves and others, and we deal ethically with all our business and social partners.

We value diversity.

  • We reward creativity, a determination to excel and a commitment to action

In the image of the diversity of our continent and the richness that lies within each notch of diversity - we aim to be a global leader with the right people for the right jobs. We promote inclusion and team work, deriving benefit from the rich diversity of the cultures, ideas, experiences and skills that each employee brings to the business. We stand firm against discriminatory attitudes in regards to gender, religion, race or any other catalogued category. In our diversity lies our secret to innovation and prosperity.


We are accountable for our actions and undertake to deliver on our commitments. We embrace responsibility

  • Upholding our values and respecting our engagements in relation to our corporate and social responsibilities

We are focused on delivering results and we do what we say we will do. We accept responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for our work, our behavior, our ethics and our actions. We aim to deliver high performance outcomes and undertake to deliver on our commitments to our colleagues, business, social partners, and our investors.

We are committed to continually improving our processes in order to prevent pollution, minimize waste, increase our carbon efficiency and make efficient use of natural resources. We will develop innovative solutions to mitigate environmental and climate risks and this alone justifies our full interest in renewable sources of energy and our advocacy and strife to deploy these technologies in as many locations as possible.


We respect the environment.


  • Standing firm as the flag bearers in the stewardship of the environment


We are committed to continually improving our processes to prevent pollution, minimize waste, increase our carbon efficiency and make efficient use of natural resources. We will develop innovative solutions to mitigate environmental and climate risks and this alone justifies our full interest in renewable sources of energy and our advocacy and strife to deploy this technologies in as many locations as possible.


We know Value; We pride Quality.

  • The salvation and respect of the continent and its people will only be safeguarded when we learn to value quality thus - ourselves.

Raising standards of living and changing minds and concepts of a continent and a people towards valuing themselves, their cultures and traditions, thus what they think merits their attention and purchase. This has urged us to strive to make sure all our products and services benefit from the highest standards in each and every industry we act in.

Quality thus is a priority and not an option. Coveted Certifications: COFRAC - (FR- laboratory), ISO 9001/2008 - Quality management, ISO 26000 - Social responsibility, ISO 31000 - Risk management, ISO 50001 - Energy management,  ISO 9000 - Quality management, ISO 14000 - Environmental management.

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