Our logistics team operates seamlessly with our trading desks to manage freight exposures and to add safety and efficiency to our physical transactions.



Mogul has ready access to logistics assets across the continent, including a modest fleet of time-charter vessels, freight, transport, storage and blending facilities. These give us the capability to respond effectively to market trends and create added flexibility for realizing arbitrage opportunities. 


We have a modest fleet of small shuttle vessels available through our strategic alliances, which can satisfy the needs of different clients in different locations and especially emergency supplies within short notice, from quantities and DWT as small as 500 MT/ 2,500MT/ 5,000MT/ 12,000MT to as much as 36,000MT. 


N° 1 Vessel Handlers, Operation Managers and Fuel Supply Logistics Solutions

We Fund your Petroleum Operations
Petroleum Operations Physical & Financial Risk Management Solutions
Petroleum Operations -  Maritime Security Risks Management Solutions


Are you a vessel owner and you have a vessel that has been idling for long without a contract, or you just need a stop gap contract of a few days before you take on a new big contract you just signed, or you just don't want your vessel sitting idle without bringing in income?

Mogul has the perfect solution for you and it's benefiting a lot of vessel owners right now. Join our new platform called PLATFORM X. 

Download our brochure to know how it works and also download the application form to get access to this platform with your vessel.

Mogul Vessel Chartering Platform X Brochure


In the light of high-risk fossil fuel transactions in the West and Central African waters which can engender high losses in cargo, financial and human resources, we offer a one-stop shop management service to cater for these issues for and on the behalf of Buyers and Sellers world over.



With our complete team of Quality & Quantity Inspectors, Supercargo and Agents, Mogul has undertaken to provide Maritime Security and Surveillance services to its clients and other third parties seeking this service. This is separate from our vessel charter and handling services.


Mogul also provides solid financial solutions to our clients who may have financial difficulties in respecting their obligations. In more than one location today, we offer collateral management solutions for select Mogul clients, partners and associates.

Since December 2017, Mogul has started offering treasury assistance as well as export finance options, including but not limited to deferred payment openings that may run for as much as 120 days after delivery.


Our financial solutions today provide risk management options enabling our clientele to minimize exposure and manage price volatility in physical oil trading.



Being a physical energy trader, Mogul is subject to oversight from a myriad of regulatory authorities worldwide from the point of lifting to the point of discharge. Virtually every aspect of our business is affected to a greater or lesser degree by regulations covering health and safety, insurance, emission and environmental control, product, cargo and financial crimes, international trade and ever-increasing global sanctions, and banking, exchange and derivatives market rules.


To ensure compliance with such an extensive and constantly evolving regulatory environment, we maintain rigorous corporate protocols and a strict compliance program. This activity is overseen by our Compliance Department. In all operations, Mogul adheres to the laws and regulations to which it is subject, both internationally and locally, in the jurisdictions in which it operates.


Mogul is proactive in addressing evolving compliance standards. This includes taking steps to strengthen contract language with counterparties to enhance contractual prohibitions against trading with countries and entities under economic sanctions.


Mogul has a huge responsibility regarding compliance, which comes as a result of its expansion. Mogul must adhere to local and international rules and regulations governing the physical, financial, environmental and judiciary and legislative nooks of the industry in the different countries and locations in which it operates and we expect same of all our partners, collaborators and clients. Operations within the ambits of international standards and codes is paramount to our terms and conditions and seal our hallmark of excellence.


  • Therefore we emphasize relentlessly on the compliance aspect in all our transactions and in all our relationships with our clients.



DUE DILIGENCE: CIS / KYC – (Client Information Sheet / Know Your Counterparty)

Due Diligence / Knowing our counterparty is key in all our transactions. The world of international trade and finance today is weighed with so many rules and regulations, restrictions and requirements that it is paramount for Mogul to know with whom we are engaging in any business before we proceed, as a measured and conservative approach to our risk management.


Our KYC evaluation is multi-faceted, designed to understand our counterparty’s commercial objectives, motives, strength, compliance standing, and extending to understand the dynamics of the transaction within our own sense of ethics into our assessment, most often as a means to better serve than to police our clients.


With Mogul’s global trading activities, we recognize the challenges that can arise in sourcing products from or around areas that are directly or indirectly affected by conflict and/or other governance issues. In this regard Mogul has implemented procedures to conduct various levels of enhanced due diligence in all its operations in or around these jurisdictions. Mogul more precisely seeks to regularly investigate its commodities supply chain to help ensure that Mogul in no way contributes to human rights abuses or violence or exploitation in conflict active or prone areas.


Further, within this framework, Mogul applies its due diligence to assure that any counterparties we may work with are not the subject of legal sanctions and also that all transactions are not a shroud to money laundering operations or other criminal activities.


Mogul makes sure itself and clients are compliant to international standards.
We guarantee risk mitigation on all our operations via due diligence

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