Mogul has embarked on a path to strengthen not just it's presence in the African continent, but most especially to also strengthen it's partners. 

We believe in a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship between our local partners and us and in this light we have developed cost effective solutions to better serve our local partners.

The below offers are reserved for clients that are already operative on the market place with licenses and with a track record.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

This offer is reserved for clients with a license or permit to operate as local Oil Marketing Companies, to market and distribute fuel through petrol stations.

Under our agreement, if you qualify for this offer, we will build all your petrol stations for you in all your locations that qualify at no cost.


Terms and conditions apply.

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This offer is reserved for clients that are OWNERS of a storage facility or a shipping vessel (Tanker or Barge)

With our new and modular fuel reformation technology, we offer to install our units on site and thanks to these units, we can not only increase your initial stock of fuel by AT LEAST 50%, but we can also increase the quality of your fuel tremendously, by reducing the sulfur and water content. We can even further transform HFO to Diesel.

We will install these units as may be required at no direct cost to the client and the fuel produced will be virtually free fuel to the client at no initial cost! Imagine for each 10,000MT you have free additional 5,000MT to be disposed as per contract. 


Terms and conditions apply.

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Fuel/Energy is critical to any proper industrial development. The adequate supply and management of this commodity can grow or doom a company as in most cases it may amount up to 60% of the companies CAPEX/Annum. We can cut that down by Half with FUEL ON SITE.

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Most companies are weary with managing their electricity supplies, especially when it comes to an autonomous power supply unit.


The worries come from mismanaged fuel supplies, Pilfering, Contamination from unprofessional tampering, managing spare parts and generator maintenance, managing breakdowns and shutdowns, managing fuel shortages, etc…the list never ends and it is a great source of financial drain to any company.

We have a solution for you.

Call to know if your country and company qualifies.

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