We are actively present in the refined products trading market especially in the African sub-Saharan markets, dealing in the following products:

  1. Butane/Propane (LPG),

  2. Premium (PMS),

  3. Kerosene/Jet A1 (DPK),

  4. Diesel/Gasoil (AGO)

  5. Heavy Fuel Oil (LPFO) (HFO CST 180 & CST 380),

  6. Bitumen


We physically move cargoes from production zones to the Sub-Saharan African market on a regular monthly basis.

We have created strategic alliances with independent, dynamic and innovative partners to whom we serve as a supply management hub. We trade an average of 80,000MT of bulk diverse petroleum products per month to different location on the continent.


Best African Onshore Offshore Petroleum Storage solutions

Platt's, Off-Platt's & Local Currency Pricing
Blending Quality Fuel Grades
Onshore & Offshore Storage Solutions

We have accessed and are presently managing petroleum storage facilities in the republic of Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau and Offshore Vessels. Our trading operations take these facilities into account and we do not only intend to increase this capacity in the coming years, but we also intend to acquire and build more inland and offshore storage facilities in strategic locations along the African coasts to serve our purposes.

Mogul blends fuels to meet environmental regulations, sustainability objectives, improve performance and optimise costs. It is mandatory for fuel blenders to comply with specific standards in the target markets of Mogul across Africa. No by-product is produced. 

We may also engage in blending in order to match a client's specific needs in terms of product quality or to upgrade rejected fuels from other clients that do not match the desired standards of their initial client.


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